After Effects – linear workflow med log encoded video materiale

Alt starter og slutter med DPX’er. Alt footage skal interpes korrekt dvs. er footage fra et alexa vælges den korrekte lut osv.


In AE you can color management your footage without plugin already. I went in the same problem with the company I work for, they all use AE for compositing. However the big problem is that AE can’t interpret footage that is YUV encoded i.e. ProRes, and will read it as Rec.709. So you have to work with RGB encoded files if you want to assign a different profile/color space. Thats why I made this our pipeline:

Record Format (often Log) > DPX (RGB encoded) > Interpret footage in AE (sRGB as working space) > Compositing (in floating point) > Export to colorspace of your desire (sLog3)

Where you can interpret DPX files as sLog3, and in you case also as Linear Light.

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