slog2 vs slog3

” S-Log2 is normally paired with S-Gamut, and S-Log3 with S-Gamut3 or S-Gamut3.Cine. So even if you apply the appropriate curve to convert S-Log3 to S-Log2, although the tone response will be the same, the colour will not.”

  • Nick Shaw

“I use SLog2 when I need more details in the highlights.

I use SLog3/S-Gamut3.cine when I want more details in the shadows and an easier to grade gamut for clients.”

  • Erik Wittbusch

“SLOG3 is easier to grade as it’s much closer to Cineon curve.”

  • Lucas Mason

The down side to Slog3?

Very few really. Fewer data points are recorded for each stop in the brighter parts of the picture and highlights compared to Slog2. As a result Slog3 is slightly less forgiving of overexposure than Slog2. You probably don’t want to push your EI gain quite as hard with Slog3. 1.5 stops over should be OK (so using an EI 1.5 stops down from native) but 2 or more will hurt your pictures.

Understanding Sony’s SLog3. It isn’t really noisy.


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