UV maps – how to

Sådan laver du UV maps. Det nemmeste at lave i Photoshop med “Gradient Fill” på et layer da gradienten skal være præcis på hver pixel.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 09.13.48


A linear gradient running along the x-axis of the image will become our reference for the horizontal position of the pixels in the footage. For the vertical axis a gradient along the y-axis will be used. To store both independently in the same file, we’ll use the red and green channels of an OpenEXR file, with the other channels empty. This arrangement is the industry standard for presenting UV-maps. Interestingly, the same logic of encoding is used for Normal and vector maps creating by 3D software, though both of these include a z-axis usually mapped to the blue channel as well.


Nuke er også et godt program til at lave UV maps i.

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