Viewing enviroment – lys og skærme

en skærm med peakwhite til 100 nits skal rummet have en lux måling på 31.4159 lux.

Udregning af rummets lysniveau i forhold til peakwhite på skærm:

nits (nits = cd/m2) omregnes til lux ved at gange med pi.

Formlen bliver:

10% (kilde: Bram Desmet) af peakwhite = Pwhite

Pwhite * pi = Lux


Bram Desmet, Flanders Scientific: “The peak white luminance specification for grade 1 monitoring is 70 to 100NITs, 100 being the commonly used level. ideally you want to have 6,500K ambient light levels of 5 to 10% of the monitor’s peak white luminance level, reflected off of a neutral grey background.”


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